Overview Of Our 4-Step Working Process

PEO Broker and PEO Cost Comparison
Step 1: Needs Analysis

With our targeted needs analysis, we will recommend a PEO solution that is the best fit for your company. During our introductory consultations, we ask a series of questions to determine how your company is managing your human capital now and what changes could be made to make this process better. With an average of over 10 years of industry experience, our consultants know what areas typically need improvement, but not all companies are the same. With our comprehensive needs analysis, we ensure we find the right solution for your unique needs.

PEO Cost Comparison and PEO Consulting Services
Step 2: Marketplace Comparison

Based on our Needs Analysis, we submit Request for Proposals to our PEO Partners and make sure each PEO’s specific requirements are met. After we receive the PEO proposals, one of our consultants analyzes each to find the ones that best fit your needs and will provide you with a consolidated comparison.

PEO Consulting Services and Regulatory Compliance
Step 3: Review Options

One of our dedicated consultants will review your PEO comparison with you and your team. We will review a comprehensive analysis of each PEO’s pros and cons as it relates to your company. Together, we will determine your best fit, and guide you through the final stages of joining your new PEO.

Payroll Consultant and Enterprise Risk Management Recruiters
Step 4: Execution
We will make sure the implementation is smooth and that you are a satisfied customer. We will stay with you for the life of your partnership and act as an advocate on your behalf if you need our help. When your PEO is up for renewal we will review the renewal with you to make sure it makes sense for you to stay with that PEO and upon your request we will perform a comprehensive review of the PEO marketplace for you to determine if a change might be to your benefit.