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ASO vs. PEO: What's the Difference?

Deciding to outsource some of your HR responsibilities can be an enlightening experience. It can give business owners more time to focus on growth

Leaving a PEO Checklist: Be Prepared to Part Ways

Small and medium companies using professional employer organizations (PEOs) often find that their current PEO isn't a great fit. If you find yourself

4 PEO Advantages That Can Save Your Business Serious Time

As a business owner, you're focused on one thing — growth. But there's a problem. It's difficult to focus on growth when you have to deal with all of

Demystifying Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums and How a PEO can Lower Your Rates

Workers’ compensation premiums can amount to a substantial proportion of many small- and medium-sized businesses’ staffing expenses, particularly

PEO to the Rescue: Common HR Mistakes Managers Make

Business managers and supervisors carry heavy responsibilities in organizations – especially in small- or medium-sized businesses where they are

14 HR Challenges a PEO Can Take Off Your Hands

Bad news: Employee Benefit News identified 15 human resource challenges businesses will face in 2019. Good news: A Professional Employer Organization

MOD Ratings and Government Contracts: How PEOs Help Smaller Companies Compete

Put in the simplest terms, your workers’ compensation premium is calculated by multiplying rate by exposure (i.e. payroll) by MOD rate. With the

HR and PEOs: Partners, Not Rivals

When human resources professionals entered the business world, their primary role was to make sure employees were hired and got paid. Today, however,

4 Ways to Make OSHA Compliance Easy

Providing a safe, healthful workplace for employees is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) goal, regulating confined spaces,
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