MOD Ratings and Government Contracts: How PEOs Help Smaller Companies Compete

Put in the simplest terms, your workers’ compensation premium is calculated by multiplying rate by exposure (i.e. payroll) by MOD rate. With the changes taking place to how the MOD rate is calculated, some organizations are worried that a change in their rate will reduce or completely remove their ability to access government contracts. A maximum MOD rate is required to be eligible to write government RFPs. Many HR departments are feeling the pressure, scratching their heads, and thinking “now what?”

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HR and PEOs: Partners, Not Rivals

When human resources professionals entered the business world, their primary role was to make sure employees were hired and got paid. Today, however, HR’s role in business has expanded to include benefits administrator, compliance officer, counselor, trainer, company spokesperson, new employee welcome committee, event planner and, basically, any other tasks that don’t fit neatly into another department’s scope.

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4 Ways to Make OSHA Compliance Easy

Providing a safe, healthful workplace for employees is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) goal, regulating confined spaces, forklift safety, lockout/tagout procedures, injury and other potential workplace hazards. OSHA requires employers to protect employees from hazards that may cause death or serious physical harm.

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Stop the Madness: Contain Health Insurance Premiums

The 2017 Mercer National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans shows the average total health benefit cost per employee rose by 2.6% to $12,229 per employee. That also equates to 14% of total payroll in 2017. 

Does it seem like your group health insurance costs have been spiraling out of control? Even if your premiums have risen modestly over the last several years, health insurance coverage is a huge expense for employers.

Although employers recognize the importance of benefits in attracting and retaining talent, many were forced to make changes to their health care plans just to keep costs down. As employers move toward high-deductible health plans to try to reduce costs, employees are now paying about 24% of the total cost of coverage.

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Simplify the PEO Shopping Experience